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Default Very early days...

Just found this community, having only become aware of the concept of polyamory since last October (when I met a poly guy at a BDSM munch).

I broke up with my long-term mono boyfriend last June, having had many years of a sexless relationship which was slowly driving me crazy. I plunged head-first into a series of intimate encounters, which slowly resolved themselves into a number of casual friend-with-benefits / fuckbuddy arrangements. I am currently sexually active with around six men, although this is very very fluid. I am also getting into the swinging scene, and sex with multiple partners. I'm also just starting to explore my bisexuality.

I chose to reduce the one-off sexual encounters because it was starting to feel like a compulsive behaviour, which was draining rather than nurturing me. However I am finding the complexity of seeing several people alongside each other really confusing. I wonder if it is because I started seeing them all at the same time, rather than starting off with a primary partner and then introducing other people one by one.

I am totally honest with everyone I am seeing, but know that some of the guys find it really difficult to accept that I am having sex with other men.

I look forward to learning from other people's experiences, and welcome any advice / top tips!
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