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Hello to All!

I am a 26 year old, married female who just entered into polyfidelity (along with my husband) with an amazing woman. She is wonderful and we seriously adore her. This is the first for all of us so we are all very nervous and somewhat fearful. She has abondonment and trust issues so she has problems with pushing us away at times. Furthermore, though my relationship with my new gf has blossomed, my relationship with my husband seems to be suffering somehow. I have tried to reassure him and let him know that these small arguments we have are going to stop eventually but he is under the impresssion that he is never going to be able to make the 2 of us happy and has suddenly become very negative about the whole thing. I really believe that this is just the eventual dissenigration of our married relationship so that we can rebuild our hearts to include this new person but he isn't so sure. Does anyone have any advice on this matter?

I am happy to be apart of this group and appreciate any responses I get.

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