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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post

I need to take it (my brain) out for a walk, a talk and perhaps a bath. it's been laying around in the dark eating bad thoughts and deep fried fear for far to long.

Goodnight folks, you make my head hurt... but in a good way. I think.

Good luck on the meeting Wednesday. Will it be all three of you, I presume? The fact that you are willing to meet speaks volumes, already removes much of the tension right off the bat. Two men being mature enough not to go all orangutan on each other -- very admirable. You both share something so precious -- the opinion that she is a wonderful human being! So for starters, this guy has great taste. I liked it when my husband and my bf would meet up, I felt protected, respected and cherished by both of them, it was lovely.

I think it helps to keep in mind that our traditional views of marriage are skewed. Women are no longer "property;" we are people. Love is much bigger than the possessive little thing we have made it into, using old standards of religion and economics, among others, to define relationships. You are to be commended for having a love that is big enough to consider a new way. Wishing you the best

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