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Default Fuzzy, but stable

Weaning is going as well as can be expected. I have this uncomfortable "itchy" feeling inside my body ... I feel like if I could take my skin off and scratch the inside of it, I would experience much relief. It's an uncomfortable, but manageable feeling. Much better than the cold turkey brain zaps.

To update on various things ... Vinny was not interested. Said he wanted to see someone exclusively. That is understandable, and we're still on good terms. (I made a joke about being happy that asking him out was over, as I hate that part, and he agreed that it's not a favourite activity of his as well. ) I look forward to seeing him again when diving season gets underway.

So, I've started looking on Plenty of Fish. (OKC is not a good resource around here.) Indigo and Mr. A are both supportive of this, no matter which sex a potential partner might be. I am a very lucky gal.

I clearly state in my profile that I'm happily married, with a boyfriend, and in an open and poly relationship. It's been interesting ... I've had some fun questions, but no hatemail. (Yet!)

I'll keep you posted, though I'm not seriously looking. (Just window shopping! )
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