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Originally Posted by Imajica View Post
............Does anyone have any advice to offer regarding our entry in to polyamory or about how to approach people that we are interested in that are non-poly?
Hey Imajica,

Ok - maybe a couple starters............

1> Be prepared for the cowboy/girl syndrome. Advertising that you are 'open' to many people will mark you as easy pickings for fun times. And some can sing a pretty convincing song. I don't mean this to sound cynical but the fact is that knowledge of real polyamory is still minimal in the world today and this is the stereotype that rides along with it. A lot of the work you'll end up putting in will be educational. And yea, you may get 'used' (or be a user) at first and only time and experience will get you past that.

2> Similarly, prepare to reinforce your heart muscles to withstand the likely shock of caring for someone who chooses (or is forced) to move on because they are simply incapable at this time in their lives to do the "work" thats involved. Unless you are blessed, you'll likely experience this too ! And it's part and parcel but knowing that doesn't make it any easier.

Good luck

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