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I found my unicorn!! Shes a pretty little brunette not too far away. I was talking to her and i made a perveted joke like i normally do xD and she took to it alittle too well.

She was asking me to come to a fair to hangout and i was like "If this was 2 weeks from now id drive up with my girlfriend and we could all have sex, rofl jk"

and she said "Lol your funny"

to wich i said "Im only half joking lol" implying im polyamorus

to wich she responded "Id do it lol, ive done it before and it was fantastic"

so i got all pumped and was like "Really??? Cause me and my girlfriend have been looking for another girl aswell"

and she was all up for it "ID be down for that in a heartbeat but i dont really know you guys that well...but you both seem really sexy, so we should hangout sometime"

so i said "yeah when shes ungrounded well come down and hang and get to know each other"

and she said "that sounds great, tell your girlfriend to add me on myspace."

SO! I found my unicorn! I told Haley about it and she said shes up for it. IM happy
Because sometimes when you love something, you need to let it go..

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