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Originally Posted by ray View Post
...............As GS pointed out, the stereotypes do have some truth to them and I do find that my issues with logical folks are mainly men. The women I've known who are more logical were still more empathetic and tended to work cooperatively with me to establish common ground and understanding.

GS, the whole logic stripping us of humanity. That's what freaks me out about the overlogic stuff. It makes me feel cold, like I'm trying to relate to a robot. And even Hurrican, what you said about telling your mom about a desert island. I can logically comprehend that it does make sense but I would have had an emotional reaction to that for sure. I suppose it's not that logic doesn't matter but sometimes some one can know something but still feel another thing. And you have to deal with it and acknowledge it rather than just saying oh, its just your emotions.
It appears that the need for balanced was recognized thousands of years ago and the sages of the time decided to try to use the gender predispositions to achieve that balance.
Didn't work...........
The balance has to be achieved independent of gender predisposition. And that can only happen through education, training and practice. And cooperatively.
Unfortunately, especially in western society, the old plan is still adopted. You most often see the result of this in arenas such as sports, politics, corporate (male dominated) business etc. I think LR was making some reference to that. Male children are taught/encouraged to follow the logical path at the expense of the emotional connection and the reverse for females. So by the time you are old enough to start having independent interactions with other people the mold is already partially formed. And of course reinforced from there.

This void simply isn't discussed enough to overcome the conditioning in a majority of people.

It's not really THAT difficult to approach situations saying something like......
"My 'heart' (whatever that is) tells me to proceed/react this way but my common sense, experience and logic tell me that will lead to bad results - or disaster !"
How can I merge the two to get the best result !

A simple conversation with ourself. But it takes practice - AND reprogramming.

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