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What is an emotional response to something? Is it effectively knowing when to lie? The island scenario by hurricane for instance. If you want to survive you know what you need to do. However, at least for me, I know what others want to hear most of the time and could tell them "no I wouldn't eat you, of course not!" if I chose to. I feel like being "emotional" is more about coddling people, to make them "feel" better. I think people that don't understand this too well are usually those suffering mental illnesses like anti-social-personality-disorder or aspergers.

And there's nothing wrong with making someone feel better in my mind. However ray, I think the problems you get with logical people is simply because they do see emotional responses as below logical ones, and you'll never change that. Especially on the internet, when text is so cold, and prefers logic over emotion.

If most communication was emotional in nature there would be utter chaos. Even the people you think are emotional ray are still 90% logical, it's just 10% emotion vs those with say 1%. If someone was say, even 20%-30% emotional in nature, no one would be able to handle them. They'd yoyo from relationship to relationship, be alone, or likely have been killed in some weird accident due to failure in logic (I see a red car, red makes me angry, I run towards it, bam).

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