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I found the article to be measured, calm, wholistic and inclusive. I enjoyed reading it and found calmness in it - Which I find re-assuring.

There can be so much angst often - I found it nice reading someone who writes with...oh - I don't know - a sense of Zen.

For me, I feel so often people are struggling to get to a certain point...a defined point somewhere..

"If I could just get to point A, everything will be alright"
"If within this next relationship...If I could acheive blah blah"

I liked the general feel of journey rather than destination, I think.
And I liked this bit;

"I suggest that anyone who wishes to have more clarity on their current path ask themselves, “Is there any unfinished business with my family, friends, or other people in my past…and if those people are still alive, am I courageous enough to bring it up?”

As it resonated for me - tidying up loose ends and all that. Hard work, but very worth it

I found value in it - Thanks !
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