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Thanks guys for your very sweet kindness. You're all right and next time it happens I think we will make a plan in advance to deal with it.

Sometimes I get so tired of always being the one to organize this kind of thing though. In my experience men just don't seem to "get it" in the same way. Can you believe I did suggest a date night afterwards for us to reconnect (I didn't call it that I have to admit). He suggested we invite J's sister to come along with us!

That probably sounds much worse than it really was and she respectfully declined the invitation, but really, some times I just shake my head in disbelief.

Even though he didn't agree with my "theory" as he called it (which was exactly the same as your theory LR), I think he has taken it on board because he is now back to his normal loving (and generally romantic self). But a few hours RP? This has taken him nearly a week!
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