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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
About what? That it's what you want? That it can work? That you feel a certain way toward someone? How vague and yet such a scary pronouncement to make without being specific.
In the past, I have put blinds over my eyes very easily and it ended up badly when I finally saw what was really there. I'm double checking myself that I am not convincing myself I am someone I'm not or that something that's happening that I'm not seeing, etc. Make sense?

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I personally have a new friend who has been poly for over twenty years, and his dedication and devotion to his primary relationship is unwavering. He has several other sweeties and started to court me, and it is always clear that poly has been successful for him, LONG-TERM.
I do agree that what she said about "never working out" is crap.

So your old therapist is analyzing someone she's never met? How utterly arrogant! And unprofessional! She is drawing conclusions based on what you tell her? My therapist doesn't attempt to tell me what makes the people who are close to me in my life tick - she's only hearing my side of the story so she focuses on me. And that is how it should be.

This woman has stepped over the line, in my opinion! Seems to me she's a FORMER therapist for good reason. Ick. Don't believe her. She is biased and opinionated and unprofessional in telling you what she did.

You are better off talking to your current therapist who understands poly and knows what she's talking about. Also come here and ask questions, read the boards, or get involved in local poly activities or groups near you.
She even said that she doesn't know her and that I can object and disagree if I choose. I still agree that she stepped over a line by making that "bad childhood" assumption.

Thank you for the resource, feedback and support! I think I was mostly freaked out and scared because I want to make sure I don't hurt her.
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