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So Derby and I got there and the party was under way.. we found our private room and settled in to telling everyone what had happened and why we could get there. We met some new women that are swingers and got to talking about all kinds of things... the topic of swinging and poly never came up, but it was evident that although we all were fantastic women, there is a difference in life approach some how. not sure I can put my finger on it but fascinating to me!

The poly women seemed to be far more open to talking about BDSM, kink, relationship dynamics and expressing who they are more some how... or maybe that was just me being like that . Ahem, I did get passionate a few times about some things... and loud... and no doubt intimidating The swingers were a little more reserved and cautious about topics of conversation or what they thought about others and their relationships... of course this was one weekend, a certain group of people and from my perspective, so take it as you will knowing that... just musing...

I do hope that everyone was comfortable and had a good time anyway. There was occasions where I wondered if the conversation was too intense for some or the topic too way out there or something... of course I have no control over that and it isn't my place to worry or change it, but I do think about these things. I was one of the hosts after all.

We walked on the beach, made and ate lots of food, drank, did some drawing, did our nails, slept, watched movies, listened to music, chatted to each other, laughed, had sex and generally had an AWESOME much needed time. Ahhhhhhh.... lovely, thanks Derby for helping it to be so wonderful thanks for everyone there really, although I don't think any of them are on here but Derby.

PN had a relaxing weekend also and seems much rested... his dad had a turn for the better today... slightly better. Who knows, maybe they have discovered what the problem is. Not what was originally thought, but they have him on a course of steroids that are to bring down the inflammation in his lungs. I am so thankful to our medical system as he will be in the hospital for a long time and has been through so much so far, X-rays everyday, helicopter ride, incubation, many different courses of meds... WOW, and we don't have to even think of the cost. We just have to be concerned for him and look after each other. I can't even imagine what that must be like for our friends south of the border.
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