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RP, people are crazy different. I followed the Myers Briggs thread for awhile. And I am an INFP, so the hyperlogical, cold approach is particularly grating on me. And I'm sure I can seem rather incomprehensible myself. I learned the repeating back technique while I worked at an elementary school and have found it helpful. Sometimes, I've found with the super logical types, that it feels like I'm trying to meet them halfway and understand their perspective/methods but they're not doing the same because they don't see my way as legitimate. Maybe this is just me, but I've always felt immense pressure from the logical/nonemotional types in my life to be more like them but they seemed to make little effort or see little value in trying to be more like me.

LR, I like your point that we tend to get 'tracked' into one or the other. I think that children and adolescents would benefit a lot from learning how to utilize both and when it's appropriate to pull out each one. Because both are so valuable. Sometimes, you need to look at something and analyze it with logic but sometimes when you're doing something like comforting a friend who's hurting, you need to empathize with them using your emotional skills.

Ari, I'm curious to hear how you see the genders as handling logic and emotion. As GS pointed out, the stereotypes do have some truth to them and I do find that my issues with logical folks are mainly men. The women I've known who are more logical were still more empathetic and tended to work cooperatively with me to establish common ground and understanding.

GS, the whole logic stripping us of humanity. That's what freaks me out about the overlogic stuff. It makes me feel cold, like I'm trying to relate to a robot. And even Hurrican, what you said about telling your mom about a desert island. I can logically comprehend that it does make sense but I would have had an emotional reaction to that for sure. I suppose it's not that logic doesn't matter but sometimes some one can know something but still feel another thing. And you have to deal with it and acknowledge it rather than just saying oh, its just your emotions.
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