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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Beodude, I think I'm developing a crush on you. Seriously, you come across as so likable and genuine, and very willing to look at and work on your issues that I feel honored to observe your process. So, I hope you keep writing - it uplifts others to read your story as much as it benefits you.

Bwhahahaha I know your type. You crush on all kinds of dudes. Doesn't make me feel special! :-p But, I'm glad that you draw inspiration from my process. It's been very difficult indeed. But with learning, comes growth, and that is what Jen and I have been doing.

There isn't much of me that I hide. I'm pretty open about everything, I've never been one to hide much. When Jen came out with the poly though, it has definitely forced me out of a shell. I was a rock in that place (before poly), an immovable object. I was the king of my world. Damnit if that's not the truth.

My realizations lately are kind of opposite to that, but the same as well. I'm still battling with wanting to take up Jens time, but starting to be able to let go. I'm also realizing that I can be my own person again, without Jen.. It's hard, but I'm getting there.

I just hope that maybe others can draw parallels as I have, and learn from what I have.
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