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Hey Curious,

Welcome to the forum. Kudos for doing research and wanting to get information and the perspectives of others. Coming from a traditional religious background, I know what it's like want to try something but fear that it's wrong somehow or unhealthy. Only you know deep down what feels right to you. What resonates with you? There are many reasons to try poly but I think very few wrong ones. I can think of

1. introducing poly to save a doomed relationship (actually there's a thread debate about this one)
2. Dating multiple people to boost your own ego. Might be nice for you but probably not for those other people.
3. Doing it when you are not comfortable or happy doing so.

I guess I'm trying to say that if you think it will be something positive for you and you want to go into it giving full respect and honesty to all involved, you should go for it! You'll never know for sure until you give it a try. And there are people that do poly that weren't grossly mistreated as children. Non-monogamy can have very serious commitments. And keep in mind that a relationship's success cannot solely be measured by its longevity. And only you can answer if you're lying to yourself. Honestly, only you know what is going to make you happy. Why do you want to be poly? Perhaps you could list some of the specific reasons and then see what they point to. But from what you're saying, it sounds like you have good intentions.
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