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I'm sure you get this similar thread alot, I apologize.

I've met a girl whom I really like, she's poly, therefore of course, I want to explore it too. I've been seeing a therapist who deals with alternative lifestyles (poly, swinging, bdsm, etc) and she "approves" the relationship so far.

I've been reading 'the ethical slut' and doing constant research.
I feel like this is something I could enjoy... but of course, it needs to be tested to know for sure.

I'm constantly double checking myself to make sure I'm not making a mistake so I talked to be old therapist recently and she says:

-That I'm lying to myself.

-That no long-term swinger/open/poly relationships has lasted because of jealousy.

-Swinger/open/poly relationships don't have that full commitment/trust that human beings need.

-That because this girl I am with has had a bad childhood that THAT is why she needs multiple relationships, to get that fulfillment of constant love and affection from many people.

So now, I am confused and worried.

What are you opinions/takes on this?
How do I know I am poly for the *right* reasons?
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