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I think its important to realize who you are dealing with while trying to communicate with people that are different than you... check the Myer's Briggs thread ( We are crazy different sometimes.

I feel fortunate that I am on the edge of emotional and logical. I fall one way or the other on issues usually, but can at least recognize which approach the person I am talking to is taking and relate it to my own way of being within that. Personally I make an attempt to really listen and observe those that are coming at something from a different way of being than me. I usually recognize there is a difference when I begin to get confused and frustrated. That is a red flag for me to take note of what they are saying and how they are acting. If I can put myself in their shoes on and issue (empathize) then I sometimes can see it from their way of being and meet them where they are at. If I know them well or think they care to understand me better I might tell them how I saw it after. It's important first, I have noticed, to clarify, actively listen (repeat back to them what they have said, so they know that I heard and understood) and then respond in that way of communciating.
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