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Haha, Ari, you crack me up.

Maca is seen as "logical" at work. But the truth is he's a very emotional decision maker.
I'm seen often as emotional "loving", "caring", "devoted", "bitchy", "hormonal"... and yet, I tend to be a logical decision maker.

So weird!

I was reading something recently (can't recall where I apologize) that was talking about how boys (they were discussing children) brains tended to use the one side (I think left) more and the girls tended to be more equally split between the two (not more thinking, just more evenly split between right and left brain). They were discussing the potential impact this would have on learning..

I'm wondering if I it may have something to do with how we "mature"... if we don't push ourselves (children whoever) to use both sides and look at things from both the logical and emotional perspective... how are they going to progress into that? How will they strengthen those abilities?

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