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Originally Posted by ray View Post
What experiences have you had relating to people who occupy a different spot on the continuum than you? Do you identify as being one or the other? Do you find yourself in the middle? Has anyone else found this to be a frustrating bridge to build? Do you tend to be attracted to people that are opposite to you in this?
Until Poly I would have said I was logical. Poly screws with that for me. I can't seem to find logic in my life at this point. Except for work haha...

I don't find logic gendered. I know women (one rather well) who are logical. I know exceptionally emotional men. Men tend to hide it better, but when it comes out, holy crap. I think the genders just HANDLE logic and emotion differently.

I ... don't find any patterns at all in my attraction. Not a single girl I have been with has very many similarities to other girls. Beyond intellect that is. Thats a requirement.
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