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Hey Ray,

Good post that may get some activity
Because it's a lot bigger issue than most want to get into and try to deal with.
Your statement " dichotomy is present in terms of gender characteristics, ie women are emotional and irrational, while men are logical and rational. " summarizes the stereotype pretty well.

As much as we all are on guard against (unjustified) stereotypes, still we can't be quick to throw them away when they have solid scientific or statistical support. (that's logic - right ? )
There's some biology in there and although we can find exceptions to any rule - a pattern that holds up holds up. It is what it is as we say. So I'd say be careful about discarding solid pattern logic because of a discovered exception.

But like so many things, knowledge and balance seem to be the bright path forward. Logical types need to be aware that logic alone can strip us of our humanity. And vic versa for the emotional types. As long as we all know that we have both those elements in us and strive for a proper balance, it seems we're doing the best we can. And knowing this (hopefully) allows others to call us to the carpet when it's not so obvious to ourselves that we're tipping the scale too far in one direction. We need that 3rd eye sometimes.

You ask if it's frustrating trying to deal with someone tipped in an opposite direction ? Of course it is. But when in that situation I always try to determine whether that person has this basic understanding (of need for balance). Because if they don't even have that and believe the right path lies only in one direction, you have a real educational task on your hands. BIG project. One most of us don't really have time for. We may try to toss out the Cliff Notes version, hope for the best, and move on.

That's only my experience.....

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