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Thanks for your responses! Yes, I'm mono, C has identified as poly for many years but has only been able to live it since I've been with him. I was previously involved with a guy who self-identified as poly but I'd say it more closely resembled poly-fuckery than polyamory and he cheated on me. I spent four years licking my wounds from that one and swore I'd never get involved with another poly relationship.

No, I'm definitely not buying him a car if we're not living together which we don't plan on at this point.

We've talked about scheduling dates and in the past he doesn't understand why I would need that just because he's dating another woman when during the times it's just the two of us in the relationship I seem content to hang out at home and do our separate things. I haven't been able to express why that makes a difference adequately enough to convince him it's important. I think he thinks it's just jealousy and wanting too much.

But today we went out and had a light lunch and took advantage of the beautiful weather we're having and spent some time walking around a lake followed by sitting and enjoying each others company. It was really nice.

He texted Misty while we were out to let her know he was thinking about her. She had work today so they couldn't really have been together anyway but she sounded like she was really sad she couldn't be with him. I felt bad and a little frustrated at the same time. During their time yesterday they talked about how she wishes she could be with him more often and I wonder how much would be enough?

I think I'm going to write her an email to reestablish communication once I figure out what I want to say. What I don't want though is to be around her when she had an emotional melt-down which apparently happens frequently. I don't know how to deal with that and I don't want be there. So I guess that as much as I didn't want things to end up this way we'll be having to have separate time with C for a while.
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