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Default Emotion Versus Logic

In our (western?) society we tend to see emotion and logic as opposing forces. Often times the dichotomy is present in terms of gender characteristics, ie women are emotional and irrational, while men are logical and rational. Personally, I find that to be a bunch of hogwash. I am a woman and an emotional person but I'm not a raving, irrational lunatic. And I've known some pretty irrational men...

I like to think that emotions and logic should work cooperatively and that those of us on opposite ends of the continuum can learn to respect and understand each other. Sometimes, though, when I am trying to relate to people who are unemotional and hyperlogical, I get frustrated, misperceive their statements and feel upset that they don't understand where I'm coming from. Or feel that they're looking down on me because I am not as "logical."

What experiences have you had relating to people who occupy a different spot on the continuum than you? Do you identify as being one or the other? Do you find yourself in the middle? Has anyone else found this to be a frustrating bridge to build? Do you tend to be attracted to people that are opposite to you in this?
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