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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Does poly ever work to cure a unhappy marriage... or does it create more strife? Does it create an opportunity to look at things with new eyes because new love enters the arena?
Hey RP ,

I think it can work. I see others have given some solid examples of why and how so I won't repeat.

I could almost envision it as a tool in some circumstances that allows you to get into the really deep conversations that are difficult to even get to until you have some kind of catalyst. That's how discovered affairs work when they end up bringing the couple closer instead of further apart. Certain fires seem to need certain sparks to start them.

The unfortunate part I've always felt is that the 3rd (4th etc) person is too often caught in drama crossfire. And THAT is NOT fair. And it's the source of all the horror stories that keep otherwise promising people from giving GOOD poly a try ! The 'couple' MAY survive and even prosper - the additional party may become forever jaded

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