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Default Likely not real jealousy

Hi DayLilly,

Some other folks have given some good feedback I see also that what you are dealing with is really not jealousy. There could be a number of other valid reasons involved.
Mohegan for example mentioned that there's a certain bond that happens between people that might want to dictate that you at least wake up together to start your day. For example, if you were all living in the same home it could be far less of an issue. Even if not "in the bed" you'd be there to greet each other for the new day Make sense ?

There's other possibilities too - family/societal things. Are there kids involved ? How complicated does it become for her to continue to lie about why "daddy" didn't come home last night ? Other family members that might be popping in unannounced early in the morning ? Neighbors ? See what I'm getting at ? She's in a position where she has to run cover for him although she approves fully of where he is. Most of us don't like being in the role of liar even though we can't honestly get to live the way we'd choose.

So be patient and understanding. I can totally understand where you'd want the same luxury she has but circumstances don't always cooperate with our wishes. Embrace those special time you DO have together, make the most of them, and over time things may change to allow you more flexibility.

Hard not to be selfish when we are drunk on NRE

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