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AAAAArgh, feeling very frustrated, I'm feeling jealous again and I haven't felt jealous in years. Z spent 3 days with J over last weekend. Part of that time I was away at a wedding.

So what am I jealous of? The quality of his energy. Does this sound crazy? Z thinks it is. It's like he becomes the very best of himself when he's with her. He hasn't had this much time with her for quite a while and so for me the difference in him was/is quite discernible. Sure he doesn't see her that often so he is going to be swinging on cloud 9, I get that. What I've really struggled with this week is that I get the "come down" period. It's like she swoops in drains his energy and I get the remnants and have to work to put things back together between us. Not a happy camper.
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