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This is good news Freetime, I am very glad.
Also happy that you are sticking around. Although everybody's experience is slightly different, a lot of the same issues come up and we have all been through the same things. You will have up days and down days but I can tell you that you will never be bored !
From a strictly male point of view, I can identify with what you said and Carma said about getting stuck in that masculine rut of going to work and coming home. Gender roles can be a ruthless tyranny. My wife was stuck at home bringing up the kids. It was sucking all the life out of us. We made various attempts to break out of this pattern without success.

By the way I also have a back injury. I am in a constant low level of pain which can get worse if I don't excercise and take care of myself. I refuse to let that dictate what I do or how I live my life though.
"The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times but to get up eight times"

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