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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Frankly most of what you describe just sounds to me like the normal ebb and flow of any relationship that'd survive past the NRE stage.
My suggestion would be to try and reframe the importance or meaning of that NRE passion, etc. that causes you jealousy with the other girls. Yeah, they might get that (as you did in the early stages), but there's something to be said for having the depth or intimacy and familiarity that comes with time....which is something that you'll reap the benefits of as time goes on, while the new girls won't.
That depth has it's doesn't seem as exciting in description, or as sexy enough to make video's...and it's way too easy for people to take it for granted and not realize the importance of what they have. I'll entirely fail to properly describe it as usual (just as I did here, post 44ish) , so I can't tell you how awesome it have to find it for yourself. There will be that moment when the realization will hit you like a mack truck of how awesome your relationship is, and it jumps to a whole other level...
If you really want to capture that NRE feeling, that's where I find it. After one of those jumps, I'll fall in love with my wife all over again...and that passion, excitement, etc rushes back again, and then settles down to a new norm until with grow into the next.

Or of course you can keep jumping from relationship to relationship to relationship, NRE all the way.... I don't know what that's like....I really don't,...but I've spent a lot of time hearing people who do complain at me. .
Well put and great observation... ...

I would ditto this
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