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Originally Posted by River View Post
There are two polyamorys (-ies?), I suppose. One would simply be a matter of multiple (simultanious) loves, and the other would be the more honest, ethical, emerging tradition falling under that label -- which makes it a sort of socio-cultural movement (or, ____________?). I prefer the latter, and don't have the least problem acknowledging that it is a cultural creation with many cultural voices shaping it. Humans, after all, are social animals.
If you don't mind a little debate...

Poly in its own way is the.. extension of, or even the antithesis of monogamy. (or maybe both, I would have to think on that). They are two different relationship designs of course, but with the same thing in common... people.

Is it less monogamous to be a shitty husband? You are still monogamous as long as you don't cheat? right. Once you cheat, obviously you are something else. But strictly speaking you are monogamous.

Then again, I don't view poly as a "movement". I avoid the poly machine quite a bit. Its probably the one aspect that I don't crave at all (in many ways I even pull back from). Social and legal acceptance is not something I am concerned with, I really never have been actually (this is in regards to anything)... so that might well be a good dividing line for me to look at

thanks, you gave me something to think on ...

I would agree, there are two ...
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