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Good question,

I don't know....we really did have some kind of connection. (Or maybe it was a unhealthy sense of connection) I was somewhat attracted to her (although I won't say that I am bi)...she is very knowledgeable and we share a lot of the same interests. She is so much like me, so we enjoyed doing things together. We were really compatible....we would have long conversations during our ups.

It is almost like we would have become friends (good friends) if we haven't of met under those circumstances....but then I question her a bit because of some of the things she said and choices she made.

But I' m ONLY human, as she is, I have my faults and bad choices too.

I guess what I miss about her does not out weight the ill feelings I have. I also worry about LoveisEvol....I guess when she was around I felt as though I had no worries because he had what he wanted. Now, I wonder .....

Maybe I am just crazy, and stupid for it.....because it doesn't make sense

Especially when I think deeper about it.

What are your thoughts???
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