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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I don't think BDSM is necessarily a bad thing. I just can't relate to most of it (although, as I have said some of it does appeal to me), and I think that it is so unique in terms of the relationship aspect, especially for people who are 24/7, that it is difficult for non-BDSM people to help without some knowledge of it. So that's why I thought it would be nice for the people who get into it to have their own space here where they wouldn't have to explain what the concepts are. It's not about pointing fingers or segregating anyone for me. I have seen posts from people asking what is that and why do you like it instead of answering questions.
... I understand that, but they are probably having poly problems. Not BDSM problems. Its a very confusing place to be in. They are stuck in between two worlds. One with some very strict rules and one the seemingly has none

I understand it may be hard, but all you can do is impart your poly experience on people. I don't understand a lot of poly people but I can still impart what I know. There are poly factions the blow my mind (I am thinking the cultlike aspects of poly)... my experience may still help them in their relationships ...

But why, Ari? Do you equate polyamory with a fetish? Many people do not.
Aspects of it definitely can be. Group sex? Group cuddles?... anything that would make a truly monogamous person cringe. And how many people use poly to fullfill their group sex desires with a cute tag of love on it. For the record I am not saying this is a bad thing. Just looking at it from people coming in.

Hell there are bdsm practitioners who look at poly as fetish... group sex as a different fetish. For example. There are some very strictly monogamous kinky couples.

I just wonder... why a section for Spirituality and not BDSM?
Religion is more separated than poly and bdsm. Same reason it should be left out of the school system. The idealology of being spiritual is a very different beast than loving more than one person, or getting your rocks off beating more than one person.

And honestly... how often do we see pagan magick lubbers coming in and asking their questions too. I can't fathom understanding many aspects of their lives, but I still try to answer their questions. They don't always end up in the spiritual section of the poly site.
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