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I didn't say that BDSM is necessarily a bad thing. I did admit to some discomfort with certain aspects of BDSM that I have seen mentioned here, in the interest of full disclosure (although, as I have also said, some of it does appeal to me). I just can't relate to most of it, especially to people who live it 24/7, and I think that it is so unique in terms of the relationship aspect that it is difficult for non-BDSM people to help without some knowledge of it. Perhaps it is really the D/s part that seems to me to need special consideration, I don't know. So that's why I thought it would be nice for the people who get into it to have their own space here where they wouldn't have to explain what the concepts are and others would automatically understand. For those of you are are well-versed you might not realize that those "power exchange" dynamics make absolutely no sense to people outside of that world. It's not about pointing fingers or segregating anyone for me. I have seen posts from people asking what is that and why do you like it, instead of answering questions.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I find it a pot calling kettle black kind of thing coming from poly people...
But why, Ari? Do you equate polyamory with a fetish? I do not.

I just wonder... why a section for Spirituality and not BDSM?
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