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I will counter the request...

Not a fan of splitting it out. Most come here because their problems or challenges are poly. They have already likely been on a site like fetlife. While poly is accepted in the fetish community it has its own twists and turns. Most believe in the M/s dynamic strictly. I have found... most of the time, when fetish people are coming here its because they realize how complex the poly/bdsm dynamic is going to be, especially in a 24/7 life. They are almost... contradictory. But they can be intertwined. Not to mention a lot of poly people play with some and have sex with others. At what point is that poly and not bdsm. In BDSM where the rules are relatively simple... poly throws in a huge giant wrench.

This is an Example (I so don't want to be a master) - If I ever take a slave but my problem is overall related to poly. Lets say my slave doesn't like my wife. Where does the problem lie. BDSM or Poly? What happens if my slave wants to take a partner, but I want to "allow" that to happen but am having poly problems.

Other poly boards do have an area for kink and bdsm but thats usually to discuss the fun stuff like floggers and rope bondage. The relationship struggles of a bdsm/poly dynamic are still a poly thing... not a "how badly do I want to leave marks on your body" thing. At least on the 3 boards I have visited.

As for if its a bad vs good thing... well I will leave that to people who care more. Its like playing basketball except its a sexual fun instead of an athletic one. If you don't get it.. *shrugs* its really not my problem. I find it a pot calling kettle black kind of thing coming from poly people...
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