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Gonna join in the thread here and share the fun I had talking with my guy C's new gal last night. We all hopped into an IM chatroom and just talked for a couple hours, and by the end we were all laughing to tears and she was reluctant to go to bed!

C's also told me that they have agreed to take things as they go and progress through a solid friendship first and if things go further than they do. I'm just happy that she seems accepthing of the relationship already established and seems to like me as well. And she's very similar in personality to C so I like her too!

C was so happy and bouncy (literally bouncy ... he's adorable) that we got along great and he's having so much fun, which makes me even happier.

I'm still waiting for the hiccups, which I know will come eventually... especially if they progress to anything serious. Supposedly she's been through a bad marriage and hasn't been in a poly relationship before, so I'm wary but at the moment happy and content, as is C and I hope she is too.

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