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Nycindie - Thank you for your words. Her words and her posts is the reason I decided to end things. After talking to her the night of her posting on my thread, I felt guilty for the fact that I was hurting and that my hubby had decided to back off a bit with her.
I didn’t want to be the reason to come between them  Even if they treated me the way they did in the past 
I thought I would back off MYSELF and be alone and let them have each other 

But of course I was hurting, who won't be hurting in this situation. You are right, AND she did yearn for my husband to LEAVE me and his sons. She admitted it to me, but then down played it when I brought it up in my thread as a concern?!?!

She justified it by saying "I never told him to leave you!" But she didn't have to, because he knew she wanted him for herself and SHE knew it too.

He and she admitted that she KNEW everything about me and our situation from the BEGINNING. She was married at the time too and (when her husband found out) she chose my husband over hers and is now getting a divorce (along with other reason I guess)....she even peed on her ex-husbands toothbrush!?!? No matter what someone does, they don't deserve THAT, right? (Maybe they do, who knows....the point is this, shoot, if she did THAT to him, what would she do to me if mad enough?!!?!

She was pushing my hubby to act on something that she thought would RESULT in the end of our family, he told me and she did too. She is lying if she says different.

If she wasn't, then how did she know that my husband would never leave me for her?!?! Some how this conversation had to come up, right????

She also said that I was emotionally abusing her?!?! Honestly, we have had words twice during this whole event....we BOTH said things, I never called her out of her name, etc. I always simply voiced things that hurt me. It was a structured debate/argument, no fighting, screaming, etc.

and now I know why I can't call her.....

She is a cowgirl.....the proof is in this forum

Thank you for your support...xox

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