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Redpepper - To make a long story as short as I, (I did not decide to quit on her alone) I decided that I needed a break from both of husband decided to let her go and worked to keep me and him together.

I was very down this last weekend. I am very hurt by the lies, the lack of understanding. Somehow this whole thing simply hurt, flat out felt horrible. After reading her posts I felt bad about the boundaries, and guilty because I do NOT want to come between two people who love each other, EVEN if it is my husband is involved.

The words you wrote… "This woman thinks she has it all tied up in a bow... she doesn't" in Crunchymama's thread titled, Torn Between My Heart and My Mind. ….really hit me too. Because I DON’T want to misbelieve that I my in one situation, and it be something complete different. I have done THAT with my husband and her cheating behind my back already.

Not that I am upset about what you typed (but I know I have NO idea what is going on now, I have learned my lesson in trusting/believing in things ONLY seen through his betrayal).

Currently, there is no more me and her at all. My husband and her talk by phone and internet and that’s it. I am not caging my husband....he is making his own choices in this matter. But he seems as though he is comfortable with the way things have turned out…..

Our future is the unknown….as everyones is…..

Do you think this is a mistake?

I hope I am not offending you, it is so hard to establish rapport with you through typing

Thank you for your questions 

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