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It sounds to me like either he's not that into you or is an NRE junky.That is he loves the thrill of new women and isn't overly interested in long term anything commited except maybe commited sex partners. It sound like you have a different take on your relationship life than he. Are you willing to stay in that, knowing that? Maybe you should find a primary that matches your needs more.

I would hope your man is tested just as much as any man you date. Especially as he has a taste for eating pussy by the sounds of it. His sex life would indicate to me that both you and he should be tested every six month as par for the course.

You, as a female, are far more able to find dates than men. Go to any dating site (okaycupid is the more poly out there), and you will find many men looking for women. Really, no man is much more different than the other in terms if safety. Go and find those that are safe and more suitable. You won't find them if you don't look.
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