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Sunday responded, late last week. I spent a lot of time going around and around about whether I ought to have e-mailed him, but I'm convinced that NOT telling him I would be upset would be a lot like setting him up to fail. He said that he didn't intend to make me feel like he didn't want to spend time with me. In that vein, last Saturday he made sure that he had dinner with us. I've called him almost every day to check on him, and I picked the kids up from school and ran them to after-school activities twice this week.

I called Sunday and told him that I would be available for lunch and near his place of employment yesterday, but he said he was too busy. I was disappointed. Valentine's date has still not happened, with no plans for it to actually happen, though he mentioned it in his e-mail. He did try to set up plans to see us this weekend, though, and it seems like he's making an effort, which I appreciate.

I'm worried about Asha. Her trip is not going well, and I don't think her hosts are making it easy for her to take care of her health.

Easy is a doofus. (he's bugging me to log off and pay some attention to him.)
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