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Hey, Cyren, welcome!
I appreciate input from the younger generation who haven't grown up with quite as much b.s. as some of us older ones. Different slant on things.

Not much to add now, I'm getting thrown out of here in about 15minutes until my next connection next week. But I did want to comment on your apology for "being long-winded". Not at all! You should see some of my posts! And I'm the exact opposite to a fast touch-typist, so that by the time I've typed out my comment and click on "Preview Post", I usually get informed that I'm not logged in and have to log in again.

Just remember (you've done it, so I mean to remember to keep doing it) to separate your paragraphs to make it easier to read your post, and you can be as "long-winded" as you like (of course: as long as it's interesting).
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