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Originally Posted by coolshades View Post

any suggestions for polybooks? i can think of Marge Piercy's Summer people.
Marge Piercy has a polyamory slant in several of her books. My favourite novel of all time (actually in a 3-way tie with Lewis Carroll's Alice books) is her sci-fi utopia "Woman On The Edge Of Time". Non-possesive relationships play a major part in that. "Small Changes" includes a V that ultimately goes sour, it's been years since I read "Dance The Eagle To Sleep", but I think that that (a novel about a modern "tribe"), too, had poly aspects.
Some of them don't deal with polyamory, but with the "sexual revolution" in which women also got exploited. ("I feel guilty if I say no.") Certainly in ALL of her books (she's my favourite living author), Piercy comes down firmly in favour of women's sexual autonomy.
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