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Wow...been a LOOOONG time since visiting this thread.

We are in Clearwater.

So today, I went to work. I work with my wife and I's ex's hubby. ?(weird I know.) Anyway, I'm at work, and he blows up my head 1t thing in the mornign. He tells me that my ex would be giving me a call today! I was excited, as I never wanted to break up in the first place. But HE (her hubby) was not comfortable with the closeness of her and my relationship.

I told him "I seriously DOUBT that." (Incidentally, I was correct as she did NOT call me today) Anyway, he was always completely AGAINST poly and the idea of poly...but today, he brought it up to me. I thought this was weird to say the least. Then, he tells me that his wife really misses my wife and I, and wants to resume some sort of relations again. I told him I would like to talk to her also, as I have missed her and talking to her a LOT. But....(there's always a "but"...isn't there)....I was afraid of getting into any kind of relationship with her. He asked why....I told him that I didn't want to because I was afraid of getting involved with her, then having her yanked away from me again like the last time. I really dislike him....but my wife and I both love HER to pieces. We are still upset with her, but understand that she broke up with us because she was trying to keep her marriage together. We just think she went about the whole thing wrong....

Anyway, no phone call from her today. Why? Probably because she doesn't have my new number. I'm keeping it that way though. I told him that if she REALLY wanted to talk to me, she would do it in person at our work or e-mail me, or facebook me.

He has a problem...He tends to lie a lot. In fact, our supervisor has said, on numerous occasions, that he always knows when S is lying....because his lips are moving.

I REALLY want to believe that D wants to talk to L and I again, but I'm not holding my breath.

I asked S WHY D wanted to talk to my wife and I again. He said that he has a FWB, and that his wife D now wants one also...and said she wanted my wife and I as her FWB. I re-itterated to him that I was reluctant to get involved, and I didn't want to jump in with both feet. Rather, I prefered to touch the water with my little toe....or something smaller. LOL
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