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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

Maca's FWB has a thing for men with "straggly greying beards". I tease her about it all of the time. I think Maca may very well be the youngest AND youngest looking guy she dates. :P

I myself am "poly-full" hahah, I made that up. But, if we do get to Spain, I'd love to climb through the mountains for a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee, but you can!)
Is there some place where I can bone up on these abbreviations: LMAO, FWB, etc.? And what do the do-hickies (baggage labels[?], paperclips, lightbulbs, etc.) at the sides of topics in the forum list mean? Is there something going on here that I should know about?
If you bring the tea yourself (and any coffee drinkers in your group bring their coffee), you're on. If you'll accept herbal teas, I can supply them - or home-made elderflower champagne.
I see that you want to learn French. Shouldn't you be studying Spanish and Italian, hmmm?
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