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Hi Jonny and welcome!
I continue to be impressed by the non-polys who join this site to learn more because they love someone who's poly and want to be well-informed. Or are you also considering getting wet yourself? Either way, it's nice to see your openness towards your wife's wishes. Has she joined, too?

I only joined myself a short while back, so I'm not the best one to give you advice, but there are tag words you can use to learn more about any facet you're interested in.
If you're not interested in being poly yourself, but want to support your wife in this step, you might read some interesting threads found by typing "mono-poly", "mono", or "mono/poly" in the "search" option (see the blue bar at the top of the page). And since you've got kids, you could try "children" to find threads dealing with polyamory and parenting.
As I said, more experienced members will be able to give you better tips.

Happy searching!
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