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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
My wife has found someone 34, who fits the bill and will be meeting with him tonight to possibly have sex and discuss having an ongoing relationship.
Um, why "possibly have sex?" Why not just have coffee together first? If you think this will hurt your marriage so much, why move so fast? Do you want to explore polyamory or swinging? If it's polyamory, you can slow down a little. She doesn't need to jump right into balling a strange guy!

Freetime, I suggest you look for posts and threads by a member here called Vodkafan. He is monogamous and his wife is polyamorous and has another male partner. You will see how they have made poly really work for them very well. In the "Struggling Mono" thread Vodkafan said, "The fact is that I did this because my wife is worth sharing. I would not do it for anyone else."
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