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For the most part it is easier with men. I think that might be partly because most men will give you honest feedback in a conversation. I tend to know where I stand with them...not always but most of the time.

3 more hours until I get to start heading home. It's been an emotional week being here. PN's dad is dying in the hospital and I'm in another city not able to offer much of anything to PN and RP. Because I'm a caretaker I want to be able to do something, to make things more comfortable.

I've also been talking to some friends, one of whom has a child who is being bullied at school and another one going through some nastyness following a break up of a relationship. More situations that I can't do anything about other than just to listen.

This weekend there's a women's retreat that has been planned that I'm supposed to be going on. I still haven't decided one way or the other if I'm going to go. I need to make a desision by this evening. On one hand I want to be nearby so that I can be there for RP but on the other hand I'm going to be in the way if I do stay at home since my husband has plans with his girlfriend this weekend and it's not fair that my change of plans impacts them. I don't think that if I do go away I'll be able to relax and enjoy the weekend. I have a few more hours to decide and I'll wait until I've had a couple of conversations until I make a desision. I think at the very least I'll be taking my own car so I can get back here if I'm needed.
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