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Originally Posted by kettlingur View Post
It has always intrigued me that our soul, our core of who we are and what we believe, is typically described as mated with only one other's soul, or two halves of a whole soul, joining together in love to create one. And when we meet that singular special person who holds the other half of our soul we are supposedly then fulfilled and complete and meant to spend our lives forever with that individual. Or so traditionalistic, monogamist relationship theory would have us believe.
I rather think that that last sentence hits the nail on the head.
Traditionalistic, monotheist religious theory would have us believe that unless we believe in (their) one God, we're not going to get to Heaven. (Although not a Buddhist, I am impressed by the Buddhist concept that Heaven [a state of bliss] is something we slip into and out of often during our everyday lives.)

The Spanish have a phrase, "my half orange" - as if we're not the whole fruit unless we find our other half. And I always thought that oranges were made up of many segments...

Oh, Lawd! Am I whiffling again?
If you will accept the definition of "soulmate" as being not someone necessary to complete you, but rather a "kindred spirit" or someone you mesh with (spiritually, if you'll accept that term and remove its religious connotations) in a very profound way, I see no reason that you shouldn't find more than one in your life.

Meanwhile... have a good time looking!
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