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Default I'm in over my head.

So here I am. 47, married 20 yrs and helping my wife find a boyfriend. Why? Well it's simple really. She wants one, and as I'm her Husband and friend not her owner, I'll do what I can. However I'm pretty certain this is it for our marriage, the old adage of "If you love something set it free" is entirely appropriate here, but free for her and for me are not the same thing.

My wife has found someone 34, who fits the bill and will be meeting with him tonight to possibly have sex and discuss having an ongoing relationship.

She's excited about him, describes him as Intelligent, sexy, interesting. She is in a near constant state of sexual arousal which I've enjoyed immensely but am also aware that she's not feeling this for me but for another man.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the rub. Her Emotional excitement, willingness to experiment and joyfulness is focused on and about someone other then me. I'm glad for her. Happy to see her like this but damn near close to tears that it is no longer me.

If I asked her to not go further, she would stop. I know this. But I do not want to be the guy who stopped her from living the life she wants to live, it would only end the marriage on a bad note anyway, so it's time.

I'm trying to find a way to accept this poly lifestyle but am Struggling as you can see. So many things she doesn't see and so many things I do.

Help and advice appreciated.
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