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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
All I want to do is give you a big hug and then introduce you to a real man. Seriously.

I AM bi and I AM poly and what you describe about it being a threesome or nothing makes me cringe with nausea. Seriously.

I've had a 3some with my husband and his FWB-and it was a blast.
I've had 3somes with other women as well.

BUT-for it to HAVE TO BE. Nope, nada, niet, no way......
I don't think I was clear. K and I see each other without C but the condition is that sometimes we play together. Like I said before, at first it was fun and exciting, but then I saw how she manipulated events so that K and I hardly had any time alone together and lost all my desire for her. K says that we have to play her game (have 3 ways sex sometimes and include her more in our just hanging out and talking time) if we want her to give him the time to see me.

He thinks it will somehow "just all work out" and that we should keep C happy.

This all sounds so very awful when put down in black and white. He really is not a horrible person. He is damaged and trying to get by like all of us. He makes some bad decisions and has poor communication skills. He is truth-impaired...maybe it's a genetic condition.

Remember, you are only getting my side of the story. It can't really be as horrible as it seems, can it?
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