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Default A polywog

So here I swim in the pool of life and it is a much larger pool than what I had every imagined. I am for the lack of a better word a mono that truly believes he can be a poly or in a polyfidelity type relationship.

I was honored to have had my wife share with me that she is bisexual last week. We have been together for about 14 years now and are feeling that newlywed glow again after the revelations. There is so much to share, but to keep it short for now that is the simplest picture that I can paint. I don't want to lose my wife and love her with all of my heart, but know that things are gonna change. I want to educate myself about the new world order in the hopes that I can be the best possible person I can be and that is why I am here!

During our discussions of what will now be the new rules to our marriage, we began to discuss her needs and my needs. She described wanting to be in a relationship with another woman, but wanting to continue to be married. I know how difficult all of this is as I continue to read through the forums, but feel that I am very open to a select few. I am not interested in a swinging lifestyle and would love to have an emotional attachment with another female. I think that the best possible approach is a triad as my wife is truly bisexual.

Again I don't have a crystal ball and don't know how this will all go, but for now it is where I have to start as it is where I am now! I welcome future and hope to make it the best I can, but have a couple of simple questions to start my journey...

How do I find this emotionally secure poly bi female when they are so few? A woman that is this secure enough in themselves to be able to share with 2. Am I in the right place? Is it too utopian?
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