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I haven't read the Ethical Slut. I tried, and got so bored in under 3 pages, I dropped it.
No kidding... ES takes a little bit to get going. I had your reaction after the first chapter, but it picked up. It's basically an exhaustive introduction to the lifestyle full of practical advice and personal accounts. I found it very useful in some parts and not all that helpful in others. However, they reiterate things a lot, so you really can pick a chapter at random and just read what interests you. There is no real flow, and the chapters are not dependent upon each other. It strikes me as a collection of short papers written on the subject, assembled and edited into a book, (it might even be that). You can skip the intro and conclusion, but the end of the book is chock full of references and further reading. Overall opinion: Useful enough to be a keeper (at least to poly-n00bs like us).

I checked out UUPA. There weren't any Colorado churches, so that was kind of a downer, but as far as my search goes, I'm really just looking for an open, loving Christian church, doesn't have to be poly. Also, I'm in no big hurry to go either. It's cool that they're out there.
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