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I highly suggest reading the foreward and intro. They really do put the whole thing in perspective (generally I advise skipping these, but this book, no way).

As for the rest, my biggest suggestion would be to take each section slowly enough that you can contemplate it before moving on to the next chapter. Its well worth taking the time to consider the information.

I haven't read the Ethical Slut. I tried, and got so bored in under 3 pages, I dropped it.

However, I have read quite a few different books in the last year pertaining to poly, as well as a number of blogs. They are listed in my blog on their own separate page, if you are looking for ideas after those two books.

Also, check out UUPA. I haven't rummaged through the whole site, but it's a group of poly's from the UU church. You may find interesting stuff there as well. (Did I write that already? If so I apologize!)
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